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Bobbis First Time

Bobbi's First Time
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I am new to writing of this type, and have been experimenting with different styles and themes. I find the quality of some of the material on Literotica somewhat intimidating. But I find great satisfaction in the work I have produced so far, even though I know it is very rough around the edges. I would very much appreciate feedback letting me know what you like, and even more, what you don’t like. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Celeste was straddling me, kneeling, her hands on my shoulders. Her hard round ass was bouncing as she rode up and down my shaft. Her cunt was sopping wet, her cream running down my cock and over my balls. Her large, mature breasts were swinging wildly with every thrust she made. This was the third position of the morning, and I knew it would be the last, both of us breathing raggedly, only wanting our final release. As most of our sessions in bed are, this had been a marathon, starting an hour earlier.

We have to make the most of our chances, because her 23 year old daughter, Bobbi, still lives with her, and is home more often than not when Celeste and I have the chance to get together. We have known each other about 6 months, lovers most of that time, but because of Bobbi, we don’t live together. Usually, Celeste comes to my house, but when Bobbi is working or in class, we take advantage of it.

Although she was wary of me when I first started dating her mother, Bobbi and I have become quite friendly, and she often watches TV with us when I visit in the evening. Celeste is 44, and I am 46, and neither of us have any desire for a permanent arrangement. Once Bobbi realized there was no danger of my becoming a “step-dad”, she warmed right up to me.

Celeste was getting tired, and took a break, moving very slowly up and down my shaft as she leaned forward and kissed me, tongue rammed into my mouth. I pulled my knees up behind her and raised my hips so I could push deeper into her. For a moment, she put her head down on my shoulder, breathing deeply, as she prepared her final assault on my cock. She whispered in my ear, “Are you ready, baby?”

As I was about to reply, I caught a flash of movement behind us, and saw that the bedroom door was open a few inches. I clearly saw Bobbi’s flushed face, before she ducked away. Celeste was waiting, and I said, “I never like it when our sessions end baby, but my cock is not going to wait any longer. Fuck me, you beautiful animal!” Perhaps my voice was a little louder than normal, carrying out the open door.

She lifted her head and gave me a lust-filled smile, and a very audible growl, then rammed herself back onto me, so hard my balls slapped against her pussy. She kept her head down and started rocking back and forth, slapping her ass against my legs as I met every thrust, driving my now-throbbing cock deeper and deeper. I reached up and pulled hard on her large, swollen nipples. Her head flew back, her body arched as she gave me a loud groan of painful pleasure.

The corner of my eye caught more movement from the door. This time, Bobbi did not bother to try to hide, perhaps knowing she had been seen, perhaps not caring.

The dam broke and Celeste’s cum gushed down over me as her orgasm overwhelmed her. I rammed myself into her hard, one final time, and her cunt clamped down on me. My ass lifted off the bed and I shuddered and bucked, shooting burst after burst of my hot cum into her. She moved slowly on me for a few moments, as the last ripples flowed through her body, then did what she always does, when our meetings end in this position.

She dismounted, and knelt next to me, bending down and swallowing my cum-covered shaft. I could feel her tongue licking me clean and she sucked the last drops from me. When there was no more to be had, she freed my limp cock and licked all the puddles and droplets of our mixed cum from my body. When finished, she lifted her head and gave me a glowing smile. “I know, baby, that is SO WRONG, but it’s so fucking erotic I can’t help myself.”

“I love when you do it, Celeste, and if you do too, then it can’t be wrong. She fell on my chest for a few minutes and we embraced, then roused ourselves. The door was now pushed shut.

“Bobbi will be here any minute,” She said, and I didn’t tell her she already was. We showered together, then quickly dressed, and got downstairs just in time to beat Bobbi coming in the front door.

“Hi, honey, Celeste said nonchalantly, how was class?”

“Boring as usual, mom, but I’m getting through it.”

Celeste was very proud of Bobbi, an A student all through school and college, and now a grad student in psychology, although only part time because of financial issues. She was also an exceptionally good looking young lady. Ever since Bobbi’s father had died, 10 years earlier, the two had been very close. I knew it would be very traumatic for Celeste when the day came that Bobbi moved out on her own, or finally found her own lover.

Celeste had a hair appointment, and I had some shopping to do, so we gave each other a polite kiss goodbye, and headed to our separate cars, waving to Bobbi on our way out. I got a few blocks away, and realized I had left my jacket at the house. Since it was a fairly cool day, I decided I had better go get it, and headed back.

When I walked in, it was totally silent, and I thought Bobbi might have gone out, even though her car was still in the drive. But as I walked to the kitchen, searching for the jacket, I heard, “Who’s there?”

“Sorry Bobbi, I forgot my jacket, just found it in the kitchen.”

“Oh, ok Dan. Can you wait a minute?”

“Sure,” I said. I hadn’t really wanted to talk to her. I was sure she knew I had seen her watching, and I didn’t really know what, if anything, to say. After all it was her home, and she is an adult. I felt like she was peeping on her mother more than me. And the truth is, I now found it a little arousing, to know this beautiful girl was watching me fuck her mother, especially with Celeste’s encore performance.

Since I had only left a few minutes before, I was a little surprised when she came down the stairs in a bathrobe. Her face was a little flushed.

“You saw me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Bobbi.”

“You didn’t tell mom?”

“No honey, that’s between you and Celeste.”

“You aren’t mad?”

“Of course not, more like flattered.” I smiled. I saw her relax a bit.

“Would you be upset if I watched again?”

I had to think a moment about an answer. “Bobbi, you are a gorgeous young woman. If you enjoy watching your mother fucking a guy almost as old as your father, I don’t know why, but I have no problem with it. For me, the thought is kind of…stimulating.”

She put a hand on my arm. “Dan, I wasn’t watching Celeste.”

I stiffened slightly. The implication was obvious. If not Celeste, she was watching me. I was suddenly aware that my cock liked that idea, as it stiffened just a bit, also.

“Honey, why…?”

“It’s not the first time I watched, Dan. The first time was an accident, when my class got cancelled. But I was so unbelievably turned on, watching you pound your cock into mom, I began thinking of ways to do it again. This is the fourth time. It takes me hours to get over it. When you came in, I was masturbating, thinking of you.”

“Baby, lots of people love to watch, but there are lots safer ways to do it. Porn is everywhere these days.”

“Dan, I don’t want porn, it’s you I can’t stop thinking about.” With that, she threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly.

I was stunned. I ran my hand over her hair, then sat down on the couch. She fell on the couch with me, and crawled over against me. Suddenly, she kissed me, first tentatively, then hard, pressing her tongue against my lips. At first I resisted, but her tongue worked its way into my mouth.

I leaned back against the cushions, and instinctively, my tongue found hers. Feeling that, she threw a knee across my body, straddling me, pressing me back. Her robe had come open, and she pressed her naked body against my clothes, while grinding her lips against mine. Even after the morning with Celeste, my cock sprang to life and hardened in my pants. For a moment, she lifted her head slightly, panting, and said, “I told you it takes hours, I haven’t even started yet.”

She ground her naked pussy against the front of my pants, and could clearly feel the huge bulge she had caused. “Oh god!” she moaned, and her hand went down to be sure of what she felt there.

She looked back at me, her face inches from mine. “Oh, Dan! I want it! Please, please, please! Show me what it’s like when you fuck Celeste!”

I wanted to tell her she was crazy. That this was totally wrong, that she couldn’t be serious. But I knew she was. And none of those words would come out of my mouth. Instead, I slid my hands around her naked body under the robe, and pulled her against me. This time it was my tongue in her mouth, and my hands ran down over her ass, pressing her down against my cock. We ground together, breathing hard, and she was moaning loudly into my mouth.

She was almost frantic and grabbed the front of my shirt, trying to rip it open, but she couldn’t. Finally she pulled it loose from my pants and up around my neck, then flattened herself against me. Her firm breasts slid back and forth, and the diamond hard nipples left tingling trails across my chest.

I finally pulled the shirt over my head and tossed it away, then pushed the robe back off her shoulders. When I finally looked, my breath caught in my throat. Her body was sculpted, full, rounded breasts, hard light pink nipples, a slim waist with flaring hips and rounded ass. I had to ask her. “Why me? I’m sure you have guys your own age salivating over you. And you want someone twice your age?”

She almost looked as if she would cry. “You don’t understand. That’s it! They salivate! Like little puppy dogs! They don’t even know me, but all they want is my body. You have always been a perfect gentleman to me, and treat me like a woman.”

“And besides, you can’t know it but what you have done to mom is amazing. Sometimes she walks around in a daze for hours after I know you have been with her. She masturbates every time a day goes by that she doesn’t see you! I never saw her like that before, ever! If you can do that to her, I want it too! Dan, show me!! Show me what it’s like to be a Woman!

She slid her naked body off of me and started yanking at my belt. Now I saw that her pussy was either shaved or almost hairless. Either way, it was looked absolutely delicious. I had reached a decision. If she wanted me that badly, she would have me. I was beyond thinking about any other consequences.

I stood up and grabbed her, lifting her off the floor, and threw her down on the couch. “Touch yourself.” I said, as I undid my pants and slid them off. She lay looking up at me, one hand pulling on a nipple, the other rubbing up and down her smooth pussy. Her body was unable to be still, as she watched me stand over her. I rubbed my cock through the cotton of my briefs, stroking slowly. “You won’t have another chance to say no,” I said.

“Yes, yes, yes! Do me!” she literally shouted at me.

The briefs joined my pants on the floor, and my cock stood straight out, at attention. She reached for it and I gave it to her, moving close so her hand could close around it. For a moment, she marveled at its hardness, then began to slowly stroke along its length. I saw her slide her fingers into her pussy as she sat up and leaned forward to kiss the head. She tasted the pre-cum, and licked, wanting more. “Suck it, baby,” I said.

She slid the tip into her mouth, then opened wide and tried to swallow more of me. She had trouble, but managed to get three or four inches into her mouth. I could feel her tongue running over the bottom of it, up and down the ridge in the middle. I put my hands on her hair, first petting softly, then pushing gently, urging her to take a little more of me. Her mouth was very wet, drool escaping the corners, and the added lubrication allowed me to slide to the back of her mouth. Her hand was still wrapped around the base, and she pulled it out, gasping.

“Oh god!” she said, and her hand pushed me to the back of her mouth again. I felt her gag as she tried to take me deeper, and I started rocking, slowly fucking her mouth as she sucked and tongued me. Both hands on her head held her steady, as I started sliding in and out harder and faster. Now she had her nipples in both hands, pulling and twisting them as my cock slid in and out of her beautiful face. I was trembling, wanting, but I had no intention of cumming in her mouth, even though I was almost on the edge.

I pulled out and reached down and lifted her, turning her so she was face up, head in the middle of the couch, her ass on the arm. Then I moved to the end of the couch, knelt, and put both her legs over my shoulders. I stared at her from between her thighs, her wide eyes staring back as I ran my hands up the outside of her hips, all the way to her breasts, and squeezed, hard. I kneaded them, her nipples against my palms, and she moaned, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she arched into my hands.

My fingertips slid to her nipples, and I squeezed, then pulled up, then twisted them, first one way, then the other. Her pussy, inches from my face, was pumping up and down, her hips rolling. I turned my head and kissed the inside of her thigh, just above the knee, then nipped at it, then licked, to soothe it. I did it over and over as my mouth moved up her thigh, closer and closer. At the last moment, I switched to the other thigh, repeating all the kisses, licks and nips. She was writhing, making the most delicious moaning sounds I have ever heard. The sweet pain of pure pleasure.

I slid my hands up her thighs, my thumbs trailing up the inside. When I reached the Vee of her legs my hands kept going, one thumb sliding up along the outside of each pussy lip. I ran my hands all the way to her waist, then moved down again, this time my thumbs sliding down the crease between her lips. They came away wet, and I slowly licked them as she watched. Her body had stopped moving now, and I could feel her trembling with anticipation.

Very slowly, I leaned forward, and kissed the base of her pussy, over the still closed entrance, and ran my tongue up her slit, the tip barely parting her lips. She was shuddering uncontrollably. As my lips moved back down, my tongue sank deep and tasted all the nectar waiting there. I parted her lips and pressed my tongue deep inside her, swirling, drinking her juices. Her hips moved automatically, and her legs locked behind my head, forcing me to bury my face in her pussy. Even my nose was touching the bottom of her slit, and my tongue moved in and out, fucking her sopping wet cunt. Her non-stop little cries only served to further excite me, urging me on.

I slid my tongue up between her lips and found her clit, the little bud hard and swollen. She jumped, and her ass lifted off the couch as I sucked it between my lips. I kneaded and sucked on it, and my tongue ground down hard, then harder. Suddenly, her hips pumped hard and fast, and with a series of moans she came on my face, her juices running down my chin, even as I tried to lap them up. She growled and writhed as the waves of pleasure rolled through her.

Standing, I reached and grabbed her hips and pulled her further to the end of the couch, until her ass was on top of the arm. I put one of her legs up against each of my shoulders, and stood looking down at her. I pressed my rigid cock down against her pussy, sliding it slowly back and forth. She had a look of lust on her face, but then, it was replaced by a look, almost of fear. Softly, she said, “Please, Dan….you are the first…”

I understood, and was glad she told me. I had been about to plunge into her. Instead, I ran my head slowly up and down her slit, then pressed gently, watching as she opened for me. My head slid in easily, and I stopped, letting her feel me, her first penetration. I pushed and found she was still very tight. Her hands were little balls at her sides, but she made only tiny whimpering sounds.

After a moment, she relaxed a bit, and I very slowly and carefully slid deeper. I reached a point of resistance, and pushed harder, and she jumped, a little cry, perhaps of pain. I stopped and waited once more. But when I pushed again, I slid more easily inside her, and she opened her eyes, watching. I stroked back and forth a few times, and soon was buried to the hilt in her, our bodies pressed together. She was shaking, but her hips were very slowly moving, telling me it was alright.

Very gently, I started long strokes in and out of her, letting her get used to the feeling of me inside her. I heard faint moans, but now they were sounds of pleasure, as she began to enjoy me more and more. Gradually I quickened the pace, and her hips began to roll, meeting my thrusts, even silently begging for more. I grasped her hips and my body began to slap against hers, the delicious wet sounds getting louder and louder as the tempo increased, Now she was giving staccato cries at each thrust, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.”

As I leaned forward over her, she lifted her legs from my shoulders and spread them wider, driving my cock deeper into her. Once again, moans, now louder, ragged, uneven, and I could see by the look on her face she was almost ready. My cock was throbbing with both pleasure and the excitement of doing something I had never expected to know again. I leaned down over her and whispered, “Get ready baby, this is for you.”

Now she had a lustful smile on her face, and I knew the timing was right for both of us. I started ramming myself into her, the couch moving with each stroke. Her ass was lifting with each one as she pressed her pussy forward against me. Both of us were panting and gasping, her eyes were shut, head back. I rammed forward once more and ground against her swollen lips. As I shuddered I felt her buck violently against me and she screamed, her pussy rising and falling in rapid succession, over and over.

At the last possible moment, I pulled out of her and my cum spurted over her belly, time after time, and she gasped at the sudden wetness and heat. I was shaking, moaning, holding my cock to let her have the last drops, and she was making little mewing cries. When I knew my legs would hold me, I moved around next to her and knelt down, wrapping her in my arms as she pulled me to her. We were kissing and hugging, and she was sobbing, but I knew they were tears of pure joy.

We stayed in that position, not moving, for several minutes. I felt almost euphoric, knowing she had chosen me. Her hands moved slowly over my chest and shoulders, getting used to the feeling of a man, a lover.

Suddenly, we heard the door open, and our heads popped up. It was Celeste! She stopped in her tracks, dropped the package she carried, and stared. Bobbi tried to cover herself and I stood as Celeste screamed, “OH my GODD!!” and came running towards us. “DAN, you ANIMAL!! How COULD you???” She slapped me so hard I almost lost my balance, and pushed past me, almost diving on Bobbi, cradling her. Bobbi tried to speak, but her words were lost in the stream of invective directed towards me. I grabbed my pants, slid them on and ran out of the house, hearing her words following me.

I drove home, barely able to function, and dragged myself into the house, knowing I had ruined my life, and hoping I had not ruined two more. I sat on the couch and turned the TV on, not looking at it. I got a beer, then another, then another. They didn’t help. Several times I cried, now feeling the double loss of both Celeste and Bobbi. Celeste had not asked for any of this, and Bobbi simply didn’t know any better. But I did.

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