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The Sitters

The Sitters
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It started while sitting on the living room couch. Sara—our babysitter, Beth—her friend, and me. I was back from my evening out, my wife was out of town, and the kids were downstairs, sound asleep. Sara lives next door with her parents and has been a family friend and our sitter for quite a while. Being summer, she was home from college after finishing her freshman year and had invited Beth to come over to play with the kids and talk and catch up, since they go to different schools. They are both attractive girls but very different, physically. Sara is about 5’0″ and petite, with a slim build. Beth is taller, a little heavier, and curvier.

One reason I like these girls is, even though our ages are quite different, we can have relatively intelligent conversations about movies, music, etc. and they like to keep me up-to-date on what they’re watching and listening to. We sat there talking quietly when Beth asked if a personal question was OK. Wondering what I was getting myself into, I said, “sure.”

“When did you lose your virginity?” she asked, blushing slightly.

Without much hesitation I told her it was while I was at college.

“With who?” she asked next.

I told her that I was fine with this line of questioning as long as it stayed between us. To my delight, she agreed.

“To the woman I eventually married,” was my response, which resulted in a raised eyebrow from Beth. Now Sara piped up.

“How long did you date before you did it?”

“About a year, ” I said.

“Well, you must’ve fooled around doing, umm, other things before that, right?”

Now, we were all blushing a little. But I didn’t care as this was becoming an arousing conversation.

“Well sure,” I said. “We had some fun before the big night.”

“Did she go down on you?” asked Beth, starting to lose her inhibitions.

“Yeah,” I said, “but not as much as I would’ve liked.”

Sara asked, “How about her?, Did you go down on her?”

“A lot. I love doing that.”

This made both girls squirm slightly, but for different reasons, I would find out later.

“What do you like about it? pressed Beth.

“You want me to be completely honest? Graphic, even?”

“Umm, sure,” she said, sounding like she didn’t know exactly what to expect.

“I love making her feel good. Making her cum.”

With that, both girls blushed furiously, but I continued.

“It’s intimate, and sexy, and I love feeling her body move under my mouth. And around my fingers.”

Sara’s jaw was in her lap, but Beth was smiling knowingly.

We were quiet for a moment, then Beth asked if I’d ever gone down on anyone else besides my wife. I replied that I hadn’t and I asked, “why?”

“I want you to go down on Sara,” she blurted out, before Sara could stop her.

“Wait. What?!?,” Sara responded.

“She’s never had anyone eat her out before. She’s afraid to.”

“Am not!” Sara argued.

“Besides,” Beth continued, “it might be fun to watch you, umm, work.”

I had to admit, that even though these girls were way younger than me, I was becoming incredibly turned on. I didn’t know if either of them had noticed my now-hard cock straining against my jeans, although I kind of hoped they had.

“Sara, how about it?” asked Beth. “C’mon, you’ll love it, and no one else will have to know.”

Looking at me, Beth mock-pleaded, “Please do it for her. She’ll never know how great it is, otherwise.”

I looked at Sara and said that, if she wanted me to, I would. But only if this all stayed right here, in this room and between us, since we could all get in trouble.

Beth stood up and led Sara by the hand into another room. I could hear the murmurs of their conversation and wondered what, exactly, they were talking about.

After a few minutes passed, they came back into the room. Sara sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg and looked into my eyes.

“I want you to go down on me. Will you? Please?”

“Are you sure?,” I asked.

She stood up and, hooking her thumbs around the waist band of her pants, pushed them and her panties down in one smooth stroke. I must’ve had quite the dumbfounded look on my face, as they both laughed at me. But I was staring at the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen. Sara’s pubes were neatly trimmed and sparse enough that I could see her slit through them. I looked up into her eyes and she asked me, “Do you like what you see?”

“Yeah,” was all I could come up with, as my mind was racing, trying to figure out this situation I’d somehow gotten myself into. Since things had progressed this far I figured that I might as well just go for it and have fun.

I got up and slowly approached Sara. When I was close enough I put my hands on her hips and whispered, “close your eyes.”

When she did I kissed her on the the neck. Softly, gently. I slowly turned her around and sat her on the couch next to Beth. She opened her eyes and I asked her if she was sure she wanted this. She nodded and smiled.

I slowly got on my knees in front of her and bent my head to kiss her left knee, then the other. I looked up for any sign of hesitation, but saw none. Sara and Beth were both silent as I slowly kissed my way up Sara’s leg. As I got closer to her pussy she parted her legs a little and I could smell her excitement. When I got to her hips I avoided the promised land and instead kissed across her belly and down to the other leg. This time I gently moved her legs apart so I could kiss the inner part of her thigh. By now, Sara’s knees were far enough apart that I could gently kiss her pussy, making her tremble. I looked up and her eyes were closed. I watched her face as I ran my tongue gently along her outer lips. She smiled a relaxed smile. I looked up at Beth, who was transfixed by watching me pleasure her friend.

I started to slowly work my mouth and tongue all over Sara’s pussy. I was also moving my hands up and down her thighs, gradually working my way up and under her shirt. I wanted this to take a while so we could both enjoy it to the fullest. My hands found her bra and I softly squeezed her small breasts. She moaned at my touch. I wanted to take off her bra but couldn’t reach, so I made eye contact with Beth. She knew what I wanted and she gently pulled Sara’s shirt up, leaned her forward, and unhooked her bra. I slid my hands over her bare flesh and felt her nipples become erect under my touch. I was in heaven, and I think she was, too. As I enjoyed Sara’s breasts and pussy, Beth put an arm around her shoulders and whispered into her ear, “isn’t it great?”

Sara just smiled and nodded, never opening her eyes.

Since Beth’s leg was up against Sara’s I occasionally rubbed it, too. One time I became more adventurous and slid my hand around to Beth’s inner thigh and slid it upward, slowly. As my hand approached her zipper, Beth moved her other leg to give me complete access. Our eyes met as my hand stroked over her pussy through her shorts. She held my wrist there as I gently moved my fingers up and down over her most sensitive area.

Meanwhile, Sara was getting wetter all the time, and making little whimpering noises. I could feel her getting closer but I wanted this to last just a little longer, as I had another idea I wanted to try. I took my hand away from Beth’s damp crotch and found hers. I moved it slowly to Sara’s stomach and rested it there. Holding on to Beth’s wrist, I slowly moved her hand in ever-widening circles until it was brushing against Sara’s breasts. I released Beth’s hand and it stayed in place, caressing Sara’s perky little tits, while I moved my hand under my chin to feel Sara’s dripping pussy. I concentrated my efforts on her clit now, wanting her to cum. I slid a finger into her and felt her pussy tighten. I could feel her starting to shake so I increased my pressure on her clit and moved my finger in and out, gently. Sara’s hips started to rise and I could feel her body trembling as the orgasm approached. Suddenly she spasmed and let out a soft cry as she flooded my mouth and hand with her delicious juices. I slowed my pace but kept going. Beth’s hand hadn’t left Sara’s breasts. She was busy exploring her friend’s chest while watching me induce an orgasm on Sara.

I kept my mouth on her pussy, but stopped my movements. I wanted to taste her cum. It was slightly sweet, mixing with her salty juices. She opened her eyes, looked at me, then Beth, and smiled before closing them again. Beth whispered, “wasn’t it great?” Without opening her eyes Sara replied, “ohhh, yeah. I’ve never cum that hard before.”

I wiped my face off on my shirt and looked at Sara.

“I’m so glad you liked it,” I told her. I looked at Beth. “Would you like a turn?”

“Absolutely,” she replied as she raised her hips to slide her shorts off. She started to get up but I told to stay where she was. I liked seeing both girls next to each other like this so I moved over in front of Beth and slid off her soaked panties, revealing a dark red bush that matched her hair perfectly.

Without hesitation I dove in, parting her lips with my tongue. She was so wet, tasting a little different than Sara, but not by much. She was, however, a lot more active than Sara, moving her hips under my mouth and undoing her own bra as she looked at me with a devilish look. I took the invitation and started kneading her much larger breasts, lightly pinching the nipples and rolling them around between my fingers. She was getting close in a hurry, so I stepped up the pressure on her clit and nipples. Sara was alternating her gaze between me and Beth as I worked her towards orgasm and she ran her hand up and down Beth’s arm as I continued. Suddenly, Beth grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face into her soaking pussy. Barely able to breathe, I kept going until she came, soaking my face in the process. As with Sara, I slowed but kept my mouth where it was, savoring her juices. I sat up and looked at the girls. Sitting on the couch, looking exhausted. Beth, having recovered a little, looked at Sara, smiled that devilish smile again, and asked, “have you ever seen a guy cum before?” They then looked at me. I smiled as Beth got off the couch and pushed me back so I was laying on the floor. She got down on all fours, climbing over me, her large tits rubbing against my chest. She kissed me, tasting herself, as her hand found my cock, straining against my jeans.

“One good deed deserves another, don’t you think?,” she asked as she looked into my eyes, that devilish grin appearing once again.

I just smiled and closed my eyes as she unbuttoned my jeans. Sara came down to join us and they both pulled off my jeans and underwear. Sara gasped a little when my cock sprang into view. It’s not huge, but it was hard enough that it pulsed with each heartbeat, dripping a little precum out of the tip.

Beth wasted no time, stroking my cock and spreading my wetness all over the head. I was so horny I knew I wouldn’t last long at the rate she was going.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I alerted her. She smiled and kept stroking.

“Watch this,” she told Sara, who was watching, fascinated. I felt that familiar pressure behind my balls as she continued. My body tensed as my load shot out of me, landing mostly on my stomach and running down Beth’s busy hand. She slowed her pace, then stopped, examining the stickiness on her fingers. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and tasted my cum.

“Not too bad,” she said, to no one in particular, as she grabbed my shirt and wiped my cum onto it.

“You’re going to need to wash this, I think,” she informed me.

We put on our clothes in slightly awkward silence, each mentally replaying the events of the evening.

“Thanks,” Beth said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

Sara just smiled at me as they left to walk back to her house. The fact that it was a smile as devilish as Beth’s gave me hope for the future.

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