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Texas Tease

Texas Tease
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It seemed that I had everything going for me–I was 18 years old, had been told many times that I was a good-looking guy, had just graduated high school with honors, and was looking forward to beginning classes at a Los Angeles college in the Fall, on a full scholarship. Yes, I had my ticket out of this one-horse desert town in the Texas panhandle, population 100 counting the cattle, where nothing exciting ever happened and nothing ever would. However, I had a dark secret. Maybe I shared this secret with a lot of other guys, but that didn’t make me feel any better. I was still a virgin. I’d been out on my share of dates, but no girl ever let me do more than feel her tits through a shirt. I was stuck with jacking off on a daily basis, sometimes three or four times a day. I had read somewhere that a man was at his sexual prime at age 18, and mine was literally slipping right through my fingers.

It was already 110 fucking degrees at the end of June, so I decided to head over to my friend Jeff’s house. They had a pool. I pulled on my swim trunks and a pair of flip-flops and drove just that way over to Jeff’s. I rang the door and his mom answered. She was a traditional Texas woman, a stay-at-home wife. She was about 40 but still cute, with long, curly blond hair and what looked like a nice figure under those frumpy housedresses. “Hi, Mrs. Withers. Is Jeff here?”

“No, Roy, he had to drive out to Amarillo to run some errands. He won’t be back until around suppertime.” Seeing my disappointment, she quickly added, “But you can go right ahead and use the pool if you want. It’s right hot today.”

I gratefully went out back and dove into that luxurious underground pool. Mr. Withers made a really good living in the oil business and their family could have lived anywhere they wanted, but both of the Withers had been born here and wanted to live out their lives here. I swam a few laps, then laid back and let the cool water chase away the heat of the unforgiving Texas sun. I only absent-mindedly looked up when I heard the sliding glass door open and close, but once I did I nearly lost my balance in the water.

Mrs. Withers had emerged, and it was the first time I’d ever seen her out of one of those ugly housedresses. She was wearing a bright yellow string bikini that looked like something you’d see Pam Anderson in. And I had thought she was just cute–this woman was incredible. Her tits must have been a double D and the bikini bra barely held them in. Her shape was a perfect hourglass, with a tiny waist, a washboard stomach, and a perfectly-molded ass with thighs to match. If I didn’t know better, I would have put her age in the late twenties. Shit, I knew 19-year-olds who didn’t look this fucking hot. I was glad my crotch was underwater, because I felt my cock starting to grow a little bit. “You don’t mind if I join you, do you?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I croaked, and watched as this goddess dived in and swam graceful laps, moving like a mermaid through the water. I kept my distance, not only because my cock refused to go down but because that way I had a full view of her. However, she eventually caught up with me, diving underwater and then breaking the surface only a foot from where I was standing, in water that reached only a little above my stomach. I gulped, wondering if she had noticed my raging erection-or my hand that kept stroking it even though I was telling myself not to.

“You’re a nice swimmer, Mrs. Withers,” I stammered, trying to act casual.

With a liquid laugh, she told me, “Please. Call me Cindy.” She rolled her shoulders and moved her head from side to side. “Roy, can you do me a favor? My top feels kinda loose and I can never manage to reach all the way back there.” She turned her back to me. “Will you tighten it up?”

“Um…Sure…” I didn’t see any way out of this. It was held together with a simple bow tie, but that meant I had to untie it to redo it. My fingers felt like jelly as I clumsily undid the water-logged knot, thinking that Cindy would keep hold of the top in the front. But to my horror-and delight-she loosened her grip and let it fall into the water. I gasped, knowing that there were beautiful naked titties on the other side of that back.

Cindy laughed again. “Oh, silly me! I’m so clumsy. Not like you, Roy.” She reached around and grabbed my wrists. I did not let myself believe what was happening until she put my hands on her titties and I felt hard nipples under my palms. Cindy sighed and leaned back into me, her ass right against my cock, as I started to massage her titties and squeeze her nipples, eliciting a squeal of joy. “Oh, Roy!” She turned to face me and her perfectly-shaped breasts bumped into my bare chest, dark nipples caressing my skin. It hit me at that moment-this was my friend’s MOM! Cindy must have seen my inner turmoil, because she smiled and moved her hand down to my cock. “Now, Roy,” she purred. “Just because I’m a mother doesn’t mean I’m not a woman. Mr. Withers travels a lot and I’m home all alone. And when he is here, well, let’s just say he has a little bit of trouble keeping up with me.” She was stroking my cock through my swim trunks, making my knees buckle and my dick scream to be freed from the fabric. “But a young guy like you, I know you won’t have no trouble, will you?” Before I could answer, her mouth was on mine. Her tongue eagerly darted in and out as we ground our hips together. I couldn’t take it any more. With a muffled groan, I came right in the water. Dammit, that pissed me off. I never came more than once in a sitting. Now I wouldn’t get to really enjoy this.

But Cindy had other ideas. “Now, sugar, I know we can make that happen again.” She led me out of the pool and to a long lounge chair in the shade. There she deftly pulled down my trunks, exposing my spent cock, and put my hands on her bikini bottom. “Go ahead and pull it down. You KNOW you want to.” God, yes I did. I damn near ripped it off and she kicked it away. Her bush was lovely, neatly trimmed and about halfway shaved. She spread her legs and told me to go ahead and touch it. I had never touched a pussy before and didn’t quite know what to do, but Cindy seemed to like me exploring her folds and crevices. I found her slit and touched a hard little knob right at the top, making her yelp with pleasure. “That’s my clit, sweetie,” she said, as if knowing I’d never done this before, “That’s what you’ll need to suck on when you eat my pussy.”

At that, I felt my cock springing back to life. I started feeling more comfortable and put one finger inside Cindy’s cunt, then two. As I fucked her with my fingers, I felt thick, hot juices streaming out of her hole and onto my hand. My cock was getting harder and I could tell that this time I’d be able to last longer-a LOT longer. Cindy was bucking against my hand and I started using the other one to play with those lovely titties. Then I couldn’t resist. Keeping my fingers in her cunt, I leaned down to lick a nipple, then take it in my mouth and suckle. “Oh, honey, you’re doing it just right! Oh, oh, OOOHHH!” Cindy shrieked and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers as she came. That was the first time I’d ever made a woman cum.

She relaxed for a minute or two, then kissed me again and announced, “It’s not over yet. Girls can cum more than once in a setting, too.” She must know that I’m a virgin, I thought. “We’ll make this part easier on you since you’ve never done this before. You just lie down.” I reclined on the chair and Cindy positioned herself in front of me. Her pussy was just inches from my face. “Oh, it’s nice and big, Roy. You must be almost nine inches.” With that, I felt her mouth enclose my cock and I moaned with ecstasy. This was so much better than my hand, especially since Cindy seemed to be an experienced cock-sucker. She licked all around and caressed my balls as she enclosed my entire shaft with her mouth and moved up and down. Every so often, I could feel the head of my dick bumping the back of her throat, making me shudder.

Meanwhile, I took a tentative lick and got my first taste of pussy, sweet and warm. I pulled her crotch into my face and hungrily dove in, lapping up every drop of that delicious nectar and exploring every fold and crevice that my fingers had traced earlier. Then I saw it-that beautiful little knob, red and throbbing and calling out for my tongue. I teased it at first, making Cindy moan, then gently placed my lips around it and sucked. I felt Cindy’s pussy vibrate against my mouth and could tell she was cumming again, her cries muffled by the cock in her mouth. I waited until the vibration stopped to slip my tongue into her hole and gently move it in and out, priming her for yet another orgasm as I felt my own need rapidly building between my legs, in her mouth.

Finally, Cindy released her hold on my cock and arched her back, mashing her pussy into my face and coating all of it with her juices. She cried out again, then rose, turned around to face me, and kissed me hungrily. I could taste my own pre-cum on her mouth and the air was thick with the scent of her juices. She pulled me down on top of her and we ground our hips together as I alternated between kissing her mouth and sucking those big, beautiful titties. She grabbed my ass, thrust me against her, and gasped, “Fuck me, Roy! Fuck me as hard as you can and let me feel your cum in my pussy!” I positioned myself and used my hand to slowly guide my dick inside her, moaning as I felt those moist, tight walls engulf my shaft and massage it. Instinctively, I began to thrust back and forth, Cindy meeting me and begging me to fuck her harder. She scooted forward and lifted her legs until each foot was atop my shoulders. I reveled in the sight of my entire 9 inches disappearing into her hole. I had never felt anything so good in my life, and now I truly understood why people screamed and moaned while fucking. I grabbed Cindy’s legs and used them as leverage as I pounded her harder and harder, the sound of flesh slapping together joining our squeals and cries of pure sexual ecstasy. When she could manage to make words, Cindy talked dirty to me, telling me how good my cock felt and how much she wanted me to fuck her and how much she wanted to make me cum. Whenever I opened my eyes long enough to look at her, she had her head thrown back and was playing with her nipples, squeezing them and fondling her breasts and gyrating like a madwoman.

I felt a familiar boiling inside my nuts and knew I was about to explode. “God, I’m gonna cum,” I announced, and Cindy told me to shoot it right in her. “Oh, YEAH BABY! HERE IT COMES! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!” I threw my head back and screamed at the sky as a tornado ripped through my entire body and I felt one delicious burst of cum, then another, then another, then another, then another. Five fucking times! I could tell Cindy was satisfied, too, screeching my name with each burst of cum until all she could do was howl with ecstasy.

This time, I was spent. I collapsed as my dick softened and fell out. Cum dribbled down through the chair laces and onto the ground. Cindy sat up and smiled again. “Thanks hunny. I always wanted to break in a virgin. You were already great-I can’t imagine what you’ll be like after a little more practice!”

The rest of that summer was spent taking frequent dips in the Withers’ pool as Cindy taught me everything she knew about how to keep a woman sexually happy. Jeff and his Dad never suspected a thing. I was more than a bit disappointed when it was time head off for Los Angeles, but Cindy assured me that with my “natural skills” coupled with what she taught me, I would be able to not only get lots of girls in bed, but keep them coming back again and again. And if I did well, she promised, she’d give me a nice Christmas present when I came home for break. I can hardly wait!

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