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Friendly Massage

Friendly Massage
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The High School year had just ended, but the summer was already hot. To kick off our vacation, a group of friends and I were going swimming in a nearby lake. Coming along with us, was a new addition to our little circle of friends, a girl named Victoria. Victoria was a shy girl, she had rust colored hair with tints of blonde and brown in it and green eyes, and reddish brown eyebrows.. Her face was round and specked with freckles, she was very cute. Victoria had a fairly nice body, with small but noticeable tits, and a smooth little belly. Below the waist she had a nice plump ass, that looked super firm and tight in the jeans she wore. She was about 5’8, a beautiful 18 year old girl. Victoria was also an accomplished kick-boxer, and she had a lean tight body from years of practice.

The lake was excellent. We all swam around and had a good time, and I got to see Victoria in nothing but a bikini. Her wet body glistened in the sun like a goddesses. Her skin was smooth all over, and I could tell all the guys there longed to have a piece of it.

After swimming, we all went our separate ways and headed for home. Victoria lived in the same community as me, so we decided walk home together. Victoria wore a pink bikini under a wet wife beater shirt that clung to her body. She wore a light leafy skirt to cover her legs. It was a long walk back to our homes, and I was at first afraid it might be awkward, as I did not know her that well. It wasn’t. We just talked for the entire hour long walk. Victoria was an extremely open girl. She told me about her past, her secrets, her crushes, everything. She even confided in me that she was a virgin. “The farthest I’ve ever been with a boy,” She said. “Was kissing and making out and stuff.”

Eventually, we got on the topic of her current boyfriend. I never liked the guy, he was kind of full of himself; a real asshole around school. He managed to pick up Victoria within a month of her coming to our school.

“He’s just an ass!” Victoria exclaimed in frustration.

“Why don’t you dump him?” I asked.

“Cause’… I don’t… I dunno, it’s mean.” Victoria was such a sweet girl, she wouldn’t even dump her asshole boyfriend. (Who was obviously just trying to use her for sex, which he wasn’t getting apparently). As we grew nearer to our home, Victoria got really worked up and launched into a long rant about this guy. We neared my house, but I did not want to be rude and interrupt her, so I decided to walk her to her door. We kept on walking the short distance to her house.

At her doorstep, Victoria was not finished her rant. She exhaled deeply, then spoke to me. “I’m sorry for ranting, hope I wasn’t too annoying?”

“No, not at all.” I said. “But hey, I gotta go Victoria, the sun is boiling me and I want to get into my house.”

“Oh.. Ok.” Victoria sighed. She entered her house, and closed the door behind her. As I turned to walk down the step, the door opened. “Hey, you want to come in here and hang out a while?” She asked sweetly.

I thought about it for a minute, and realized that I had nothing better to do. “Sure…”. We were both still a little wet from swimming, and our clothes still hadn’t dried from the Sun. Her house was air conditioned, and apparently they had it cranked. Cold air washed over me as soon as I entered the door. It was a good feeling though, after being in the hot Sun. I looked at Victoria momentarily, and noticed her perky nipples poking through the fabric of both her bikini and her shirt. This babe had major THO. Of course, Victoria didn’t notice my glances, and didn’t notice the state of her own nipples.

“So, where was I?” She giggled. “Oh ya…” Once again she launched into her rant about her boyfriend, and as she did, she led me throughout the house, giving me a brief tour. We finally ended up in her bedroom. It was a typical girls room, pink and white were the main colors, and posters of Orlando Bloom and other male actors hung on the wall. She plopped down on her bed, and continued to bitch. I could tell she was getting really worked up about this hole thing. I tried to concentrate and listen, but all I could think of were those sweet perky nipples.

I put my hands on her shoulders, and she jumped. “What are you doing?” She exclaimed.

“I was just going to give you a shoulder rub.” I said, telling the genuine truth. “You’re really getting worked up about this.”

“Oh… sorry…” She said cautiously, but letting me put my hands on her shoulders. I began to rub in smooth kneading motions. She began to relax almost immidatly. “Mmm…” she sighed. “That’s good.” She continued to talk a while, but eventually stopped talking and simply let me rub her shoulders, enjoying the massage. Eventually she chimed in “Can you do my back too?” I nodded, and she laid down face into the bed.

I sat at her side, and rubbed her back. I’d start out near her nice round ass, and rub her , through the white shirt. The shirt was fairly dry on the back now, but I could still make out her cute little bikini through it. The front, I knew was a different story. It was still wet and totally see through. Every time I neared the strap of her bikini, I had to lift my hand over, and continue up her back. I did the same when I went down. It was kind of interfering with my work.

“Victoria?” I asked.

“Mmm?” She said.

“Uh…” I touched my finger on where her bikini strap was tied behind her back. “This is… kind of in the way, can I just like…untie it? Just so it’s not in the way.” After a moment of hesitation, Victoria nodded her agreements.

I slipped a hand underneath her shirt, and slide it up her back. She had a strong back, and her skin was smooth and soft. I grabbed onto one of the bikini straps, and untied the knot that held it in place. As I did this, Victoria arced her back, and turned her head to face me.

“Do not tell my boyfriend, please.” She said. “He would FLIP.” I nodded, and finished untying her bikini top. She laid down on her chest again, and let the straps fall to her side. I continued to rub her back a while longer, before finally stopping.

“That felt so good!” She exclaimed. After touching and rubbing this girl, I was thoroughly aroused, and wanted to touch more. I wanted to show her something else that felt good. Alas, I was to shy to come out and say it.

“I can, massage other things to… if you want.”

“Ooh…” She said. “Like what?”

“I dunno… arms… belly… feet… legs…” I hoped she’d choose the last option.

“Well… If it’s not too weird… could you give me a foot rub?” She giggled. “My feet hurt from the walk.”

“Alright, I can try…” I said. I took her legs in my lap, as she sat on the bed. I can tell you right now, I’m not into the whole foot thing, but I know this: girls like foot rubs. Victoria leaned her head back, and closed her eyes as I rubbed the soles and insteps of her feet. This bored me, and I longed to touch her sexy strong legs. I tried to catch a peek up her skirt, and caught the occasional flash of pink from her bikini bottom. Victoria’s shirt was still damp and see through, and her bikini top was falling off. Her nipples were still covered by the top, but it was just held on by the neck.

I moved my hands off her foot, and up to her ankle. She paid no attention, thinking it was part of the foot rub. After rubbing here for a few minutes, I moved up even more to her lower legs. They were firm and smooth, as she had shaved before going swimming. I rubbed her legs, and steadily moved my hand up and down, progressing evenly toward her thigh with each movement. She kept her eyes closed the whole time, enjoying the massage. At her knee, I got to her skirt. I delicately placed on hand on the hem, and slid it halfway up her thigh, exposing her creamy white skin. I would’ve gone further, but she opened her big green eyes, and looked directly into mine. She nervously grabbed hold of her skirt hem, and bite her lower lip. She tugged it back down slightly. There was a moment of awkward sexual tension, before she slowly pulled the skirt up herself, biting her lip and looking into my eyes. She left her skirt just below her crotch, which was still covered by her pink bikini. Her other leg was still covered with her skirt, and she held the fabric between her legs, her thumb toward her crotch, trying to cover herself.

With both hands, I started to rub her exposed leg. Her face grew red as she blushed, and her breathing quickened. Mine did to. She arced the knee of the leg I was rubbing, and moved it away from her pussy, half spreading her legs. She was still holding the skirt, covering herself up, but only know she pressed her hand tightly against herself, and moved her thumb around. It was easy to see she was touching herself She spread her other leg, and the skirt slide up. All that was covering her pussy now was the little bit of fabric that she held in place, and her bikini bottom.

I stopped rubbing her thigh, and placed one hand on her side. She kept her eyes closed, but continued to rub herself, only now she didn’t use her thumb to pretend she wasn’t. She used her palm and rubbed herself up and down through her skirt and bikini. With her free hand, she took the hand I placed on her side, and guided it up to her breasts. They were cold and wet from the water. I squeezed her perfect little tit in my hand, and she finally opened her eyes. She stopped rubbing herself, and propped herself up with her free elbow. I slide my hand down to the bottom of her shirt, and began to tug it off. She helped me slip her out of it, but held her bikini on, which was only staying on by her neck strap.

“Are we going to have sex?” She asked innocently.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Good. I want to…”

She looked into my eyes as I lifted off her bikini top. Her tits were nice and perky, and her nipples where a dark pink color. They poked out at me, like the were yearning to be touched. I placed my hands on her breasts, and squeezed both or her sweet little tits. She moaned as I pinched and twisted one of her cold little goose bumped nipples. I leaned over and placed the other in my mouth, pressing my tongue against it to warm it up. She panted as she became more and more horny. I ran my tongue around her erect nipple, and licked it up and down. She put her fingers in my hair, and pressed my head in closer. I started sucking on her nipple, and heard her let out another little moan. She moved her hands down my neck, and over my shirt. She reached the bottom, and began to tug it up. I stopped sucking on her nipples, and allowed her to take off my shirt.

She then drew her legs close to her chest, and pulled off her skirt, tossing it to the floor. She close her legs, and laid on her side. She looked so sexy and vulnerable, a virgin about to have her first cock inside her.

I touched her leg, and ran my hand in between them. She allowed me to guide her onto her back, and spread her legs open. I kneeled between them, and ran both hands up her smooth powerful legs. I grabbed onto the elastic of her bikini bottom, and began to pull it off. Before I exposed her pussy, she stopped me.

“Please… be gentle. I’m scared.”

“I will baby… don’t worry.” Her pussy was hairy, the same red-brown color as her eyebrows. She squirmed beneath me, it was easy to see how nervous and exposed she felt. “You sure you want this?” I said, a little worried she wasn’t ready.

“Yes… I’m so horny. I want you to… to…” She was shy, but finally managed to say “I want you to fuck me… gently.”

I slide my shorts off, and my cock pushed through the fabric of my boxers. I have been blessed with a decently sized cock, somewhere between 7 and 7.5 inches in length. It is fairly thick too. Not a monstrosity, but still considered big. I am happily above average (which is actually only six inches, or so this girls Cosmo or Maxim magazine tells me.)

My cock throbbed, rock hard as I slide it out of my boxers. It sprung into the air, finally free after being restrained in my boxers so long. Suddenly, I remembered something. I grabbed my shorts, and pulled out my wallet. I took a condom, and slide it onto my cock (better safe than a 19 year old father I always say). I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed it against her lips a few times, just to make sure she was ready. I pressed it against her hard little clit, and shr moaned, a deep long moan from within her throat.

“You ready?”

She rolled her head to the side, and looked at me as she lay on her back. “Mmhmm…”

I leaned over her, and slowly guided my cock head between her lips. She inhaled sharply, as she felt something of that size inside her virgin pussy for the first time. I pulled my head out, until it was in only enough for the tip to spread her lips a little. I pushed in again, this time a little farther. Her tight pussy wrapped around my cock, and it felt as though it was sucking and pulling it in further. I drew out, ad pushed in again. Her little cunt was so fucking tight, it felt like it would squeeze my dick off. I withdrew my cock again, and pushed it in faster, and harder, pushing it in all the way this time. She gasped with pleasure as my dick filled her up.

“Ooooh… baby… that feels so good…” She moaned. Her rubbed her sides and belly, moving her hands up to her chest. She rubbed her own tits and slowly tugged on her perky nipples, as I slowly drew my cock in and out of her tight little cunt. After a while of slowly fucking her, her pussy became super wet, and it became easier to slide in and out of her tight little fuck hole.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You like being fucked?” as I continued to slowly fuck her tight little pussy, feeling the warm walls squeeze against my cock with each thrust.

“Mmm… ya…. Your cock feels so good inside me… “

I pushed my dick in her to the base, and rotated my hips, making circular motions. My dick explored every inch of her pussy as it prodded into the deepest reaches of her hole.

“Ooh… that’s soon good…”

I withdrew my dick again, and pushed in. As I pulled out again, it felt as though her pussy didn’t want to let my cock out, and kept sucking it back in. I rammed in again, and she moaned with ecstacy.

“Yeah baby, fuck me!” She cried out, getting rid of her shyness. “Make me your little slut!”

“You like being a slut?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah… I love getting your big cock deep inside my pussy… it feels so good…” She let out a long, throaty moan.

When girls talk dirty during sex, it drives me crazy. I started fucking her harder and faster, and she didn’t object. She wrapped her legs around my back, and took my cock like a whore, instead of the little virgin that she was. “Oh yes… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me harder… oh ya… fuck me faster.”

I did as I was asked, apparently abandoning the whole ‘gentle’ idea. I felt her nipples brushing up and down on my chest, as her tits began bouncing underneath me. “Oh… oh… oh… Oh. Oh. Oh!” She began panting. Her breath quickened, and she wrapped her arms around my neck, and pressed her chest into me. She moaned quickly, with each thrust I put into her. I didn’t stop or slow down. I felt my own orgasm building, but didn’t want to cum yet.

“Oh… oh… UH!” She gasped, closing her eyes, and opening her mouth. She pressed her hips into mine, and held me close. She grinded her hips into mine, enjoying and milking out her first orgasm. She let go, and collapsed under me. I withdrew, until only my head was inside her, letting her rest a moment. My cock and balls was soaked with pussy juicy, and as I pulled the head out, clear liquid leaked out of her cunt. She was a squinter (As I think about it, she might’ve actually peed a little instead). My cock was still hard, and I was still wanting to fuck.

I placed both my hands on her hips, and lifted her ass off the bed. Once her cunt was level with my dick, I slide it in. She was so fucking wet, it went in easily, even though she was still as tight as ever. “Ready to get fucked hard?” I asked.

“Oh ya.” She said, bunching up the blanket she laid upon in her hands, to hold on. “Fuck me like a slut, ok?”

I nodded, and drew out of her pussy. I slammed my cock back in, hard. Her tits swayed up toward her face, and she let out a gasp. “More.” She said. I withdrew my cock again, and slammed back into her. Then again. And again. I fucked her faster and faster. Her tits bounced up and down wildly, as I fucked her hard. She moaned and gasped with each thrust. “Ooooh baby. fuck me.. ” She moaned. Her pussy was soaked, and flecks of her cunt juice sprayed each time I thrust into her, splashing on both of our bellies. Her pussy let my cock in and out easily now. Her bed squeaked and moaned under the ferocity of our fucking, but was almost drowned out, as she moaned loader and loader, almost screaming with pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum…” She whined as I pounded her cunt. I felt the tension in my dick, as I was ready to cum as well. I thrust into her hard and fast a few more times, and then buried my cock in all the way as a load of cum exploded out of my dick into the condom. My dick began to spasm and throb, as it expelled load after load of jizz into her cunt . I collapsed over top over her exhausted, with my dick still pressed deep within her. She wrapped her legs around me again, and pulled herself off my dick again, about halfway. She then thrust her self onto it again, fucking me from below. My dick twitched and hurt slightly from my head being so sensitive after the hard fuck. She continued to do this for a few seconds, before letting out another moan “uh… uh… UH-!” she exclaimed. Pussy juice leaked out from all around my cock, as I slowly pulled out. She fell back onto the bed, after enjoying another orgasm. I looked at her little body, and smiled. Officially no longer a virgin. I placed a palm on her pussy, and gently rubbed with my palm. She breathed slowly, but still enjoyed the continuous rubbing between her legs. I gently pressed a finger against her still sensitive clit, and began to rub. She gasped, not expecting this, and moaned as I rubbed harder and harder. One hand shot up to her tit, and she squeezed it hard. The other went down to her crotch, and hovered above me hand, as if getting ready to grab it if she was unable to handle the pleasure. After a short time, she clasped her hand over mine, trying to get me to stop. I kept on rubbing her clit, and she moaned loudly, squeezing and rubbing her tit and nipple hard, preparing for another orgasm. Her legs began to close slightly, and her entire body tensed. She let out another high, loud moan, and her pussy squirted more juice out. It actually sprayed my chest, which was fairly close to her cunt.

She fell back again, rubbing her titty more softly now. I got on my knees between her legs, and she sat up. She placed her hands on my back, and began to lick off her own pussy juice. She closed her eyes, and ran her tongue over my chest and nipples, which grew hard. (Men don’t often get their nipples touched, but it actually feels pretty good when they do, they’re basically the same as girls nipples. Once again, this is according to this girl I know’s Cosmo.) She reached down between my legs, and pulled off the condom. She let it go on her bed, not caring if it spilled. After dropping the condom, she started rubbing my dick with her hand, rubbing in the cum that was still left on. She licked my chest, with her hot tongue, flicking it against my hard nipples. I have extremely sensitive skin, and it sent tingles down my back and sides with each touch. With her free hand, she pushed against my chest, forcing me to lay down on her bed. My cock grew hard as she rubbed it up and down, pulling the skin back over the head and sliding her hand all around the well lubricated shaft.

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